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Ottawa and Queen’s Park are coming together to give over $100 million to an auto parts giant in Guelph. This is to help create over 1,000 jobs in the area. With the allotted amount of money that both the governments have given, It should come as no surprise that Ottawa is matching that of which the Premier is giving. With this partnership, they are looking to grow the automotive industry and the economy in Guelph, ON.

By partnering with companies like Linamar, we are positioning the province for growth now, and for years to come,” Wynne said Monday in Guelph.

Federal Transport Minister Lisa Raitt, whose Conservatives are headed to the polls later this year, said Ottawa was happy to lend Linamar a hand — and money.

“Canada has much to offer automakers and parts manufacturers: our automotive innovation fund, the new Windsor-Detroit bridge, support for automotive R&D, a stable economy, a low corporate income tax rate, a highly skilled and productive workforce, well-developed infrastructure and access to markets,” said Raitt.

Linda Hasenfratz, chief executive officer of Linamar, which employs 19,000 workers at 45 locations around the world, said the firm’s Ontario’s factories are its “most productive globally.” It has 6,870 workers in Ontario.

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