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If it’s time for a new set of tires, you’re probably asking yourself “what kind of tires should I buy?” All Seasons sound like an easy choice, but as you start shopping you’ll learn there are a number of different types. Here’s a quick overview.


These are your basic all-season tires. You can expect them to last fairly long and feel comfortable on the road. There are also Touring and Grand Touring all season tires that provide better handling and are quieter. Any all-season tire includes the M+S symbol, which means they are rated to handle in mud and snow.

High Performance

If you want better traction in any weather condition compared to standard passenger all-seasons, its time to opt for some high performance models. High performance tires use special compounds that allow them to stay flexible in colder weather. This allows them to stay grippy even when the mercury drops.

Ultra High Performance

Like High performance tires, but designed for higher speed, these tires will trade off wet and dry traction for better snow and ice performance.
All Weather Tires

These are considered to be true four-season tires, rather than the typical compromised jack-of-all-trade all-season. These tires carry the snowflake and mountain emblems that indicate their qualifications to work in severe snow. If you want better performance in the snow, your only option is a set of dedicated winter tires. By comparison, all-weather tires have tread patterns that are also appropriate for warm conditions, but they’re not perfect. If you’re concerned about long-term durability and noise, all-weather tires aren’t for you.

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