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distracted driving

We’ve all been there, that long drive and we start yawning. We all know how dangerous it can be, but according to new studies, driving tired is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. It can be as serious as distracted driving or even drunk driving. Tiredness behind the wheel has caused an estimate of 11.6 percent of all fatal accidents.

With many motorists getting behind the wheel during prime time road trip season this winter , driver fatigue is bound to happen during any long drive. DMEautomotive recently conducted a study which revealed the 15 worst things drivers do to stay awake, confirming that drivers are combating the issue in the wrong ways, opting for ineffective fixes that do little to alleviate drowsiness.

The results of the survey showed drivers are far more likely to drink caffeine, open windows, pull over and exercise/stretch, blast loud music and turn up air conditioning — all of which do little to nothing to lessen the effects of sleep deprivation. The only proven solution is to safely pull over, stop driving, and take a nap for a proper amount of time or switch drivers with someone who isn’t tired. Although drinking a caffeinated beverage can produce a jolt of alertness, the effect wears off quickly, according to experts and contrary to the popular belief, coffee is not a replacement for sleep.

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